Sulfur Chemicals

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Our sulfur chemicals form an important base or auxiliary for numerous applications in various industries. By using the latest production technology and adhering to high quality standards, we can make sure that our thiosulfates and sulfites completely cover our customers’ demands.

Our production methods meet all the conditions required to implement special customer requirements in appropriate service packages: We can offer you the right solution to perfectly suit your needs - from material compositions according to your specifications to delivery in a variety of bulk volumes.

Get in touch with us. We will work together find the right solution for your particular product and process requirements.



Thiosulfates based on sodium, potassium and ammonium.


Ammonium- and potassium-based sulphite and hydrogen sulphite solutions.

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Dr. Tilo Breyer

General Manager Sulfur Chemicals

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Dr. Eike Ahrens

Head of Production

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Nadine Raabe

Sales Department

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Diana Jörg

Sales Department

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